Per Vilhelm

Skriver så'n nogle små søde, finurlige tekster. De giver aldrig mening hvis man skal forklare dem, men når man lytte til dem, eller læser dem, så giver de utroligt meget mening.

Had a wonderfull dream
It was stuck inside of me
I was picking my nose
Looking for something....I don´t know?
I was taking a ride
Everyone I knew were passing me by
I was sitting alone
and just talking with my bones

I was trying to write
But every postcard was out of sight
And the cashmachines were broke
Felt like everything was a joke
Went for something to eat
And I walked around a whole week
Every day was like a rain-check
Untill I became a medallion around your neck

I took it all for granted
That you were here
And you were wearing swimsuits
But I couldn´t swim
You took my hand
And we jumped into the sea
And you will survive....we will survive

Coz when I fall down beside you
I find it very hard to leave
The night is filled with light and charcoal
And I cannot and I will not fall asleep

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