all my thoughts fall asleep now
I can´t focus on anything no more
my life has been turned upside down
and peace is knocking on my door
turn off the light and wait for daybreak
turn off the voices in my head
ohhh dear I feel like staying in bed

not awake but I´m still aware
that brightness is gonna come soon
coz I´ve been here a month ago
and it all turned out cool
staighten up man don´t waste your genes
stand up and fight
ohhh dear you´re so perfectly damn right

ohhh I dehydrated
and I slipped in my own sweat
I collapsed on your livingroom-floor
it was harder than it felt
now I´m bound to be in slowmotion
now I´m bound to be in a loop
and the person holding my hand
is you..

our love is like a parachut
it unfurls everytime we fall
our hearts are tangled up
behind 50 inces of concrete-wall
take off the wings they wrapped around me
and I stand naked on the stage
ohhh dear here´s no reason to be afraid

Den er så fantastisk den tekst!

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